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Help your clients grow their business
by automating their website development

Cut your client website maintenance time to zero. Automate.

We continuously analyze your clients’ websites to detect any security problems and loading time issues. You can verify web pages key security and performance indicators on your dashboard at any time.

Focus on problems that matters. Big data insights.

Mybox transform data from your clients and organize them in useful information around certain selected criteria. Our platform provides helpful website overviews for your clients and detailed data for developers. That allow your company to isolates valuable business insights about your clients.

Experienced and verified experts. Trusted Marketplace.

Technical issues? Concerned with security? Month to month, we have your clients covered. With mybox you can focus on what’s important and accomplished your business goals. Our experts will take care of your clients problems while you sit back. Let mybox handle your clients problem as an extension of your company.

Improving web development has never been so easy

Website reports

Mybox identifies underlying issues on your site that can affect security, performance and SEO rankings. For every error we find, website owner get step-by-step how to fix instruction or he can request a support fix from our marketplace.

Vulnerability protection

Security is one of top concern of website owners. Mybox detects vulnerabilities in your clients’ web pages and make sure their sites are up-to-date and with the latest security patches.

Continuous Monitoring

Mybox facilitates end-to-end monitoring. Scheduled security scans are available as well as performance check. Your customers can be automatically notified of any detected slowdown.

Restore points and rollback

Daily database and file backups are securely stored off-site. If a site needs to be restored to a previous version, one-click rollback option is available.

Easy Setup

Our installation and configuration process allows seamless integration to make it easy for your customers to get started.

Dedicated Web App

You and your customers can use, simple, modern and UI friendly web application. You and your clients get a comprehensive and clear overview of their websites.

Let’s cooperate!

Hosting companies

Mybox solves issues that customers usually blame on hosting companies, and additionally allow you to make a profit from each transaction associated with referring new users.

Web Agencies and Freelancers

Mybox provides for a stable income source by supplying new contracts for your company, and is fully secure thanks to Escrow transactions.

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Raphael Kusmider - CEO

Mybox is a revolutionary solution that allows non-tech savvy website administrators to have full insights into the current state of their sites, and solves their problems by establishing an easy and secure way to bring freelancers, and web agencies together with potential customers.

The solution suitable for hosting companies all over the world