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About the most innovative platform
for websites in the last 10 years

The breakthrough is here. Mybox is an analytical platform integrated with the hosting company’s environment to solve problems with customers’ sites.

How does it work?

We use data from WWW servers, databases, email traffic, website code, web traffic, external tools, and many other data sources.

Our algorithms based on data analysis conclude websites and recommend best actions in the field of security, performance, and website marketing.

Based on the data analyzed, we find issues and develop opportunities for a particular website.

Mybox solves the most prevalent problems with the website automatically.

If Mybox does not automatically solve the problem, it creates a marketplace order that contains all the necessary technical details. Our freelancers and interactive agencies operate on the marketplace; they will solve the problem manually for your client based on the order.

Unbroken wheel

The hosting industry has evolved over the last years from infrastructure and managing tools into platforms that provide the final need of users, which is a website. Since the nature of hosting services has changed, the preferences and requirements of users have changed as well, who now also expect their websites to be supported on many levels.

According to our research, almost 100% of hosting companies admit that their perception in terms of customer support from the perspective of the hosting provider and the end user is radically different!

Is the hosting company still only an infrastructure provider? I think you know the answer.

Get to a higher level by working with Mybox

Increase ARPU by 30%

The organic development of the hosting market in most markets in the world is much slower than it was even five years ago. To maintain a stable level of sales and revenue development, most companies adopt a strategy for the development of their product portfolio by extending it to SaaS products, which are complementary but do not significantly support the user’s need for website support.

Thanks to mybox, your users will start solving their problems with websites - for a fee. Our platform will close the entire life cycle and service of the website in terms of security, its performance, and the acquisition of user traffic. You do not need any additional tools!

Reduce churn

According to research carried out jointly with partner hosting companies, the reason for the cancellation of their services is the lack of benefits from their website. Customers create their websites to have obvious broader benefits, but this is always related to the users’ traffic.

Thanks to the analysis of tens of thousands of websites, mybox can automatically improve elements related to websites that make the site not visible to search engines. Thanks to a comparative analysis, we can present our recommendations about possible marketing campaigns that will be carried out by cooperating with us on the marketplace with freelancers.

Take care of your image

The vast majority of your clients are people who do not have technical knowledge. Such customers are unfortunately unaware of how to take care of their website (updates of plugins and CMS, performance optimizations and many more) and for most of the consequences resulting from this, they blame you as a hosting provider.

Thanks to the mybox solution, users will receive precise information about problems with their websites and will receive confirmation that the hacking of their website or its slow loading is not the result of your server infrastructure.

Reduce the burden of customer service, and technical departments cost by 33%!

Because hosting companies no longer only provide space for uploading their website, customers also expect support for websites that have been through the tools in the client panels. For this reason, the hosting company’s support handles a vast number of queries about elements related to service and changes on websites, which are not included in the price of the service.

Thanks to Mybox you will be able to send the user back to the right place where their technical problems with the websites will be solved!

Integration as simple as possible

Our product is built based on constant feedback and consultation with potential partners, which is why we know how important the most straightforward integration for you is. Contact us and talk to us about the implementation of mybox in your hosting company.

Depending on the choice of one of the three available integration models, our platform can be available to your customers with only a few hours of integration time!

Powerfull API for your needs

We are aware that each hosting company is different and have their product model, which is why we have made sure that our platform is fully modular and its elements can be flexibly implemented in your business processes.

Integration with your user panel?
An internal panel for your employees?
It's up to you!

Websites ecosystem

Mybox is the missing element of the website’s life cycle. Our platform comprehensively cares about the needs of users by solving their problems, activating their development, and connecting freelancers with users in a safe way. Tools available on the market not using Big Data for cross-section analysis of websites and focus on a narrow range of user support - eg. Security and only a small part!

The typical website owner does not have the technical knowledge, they can not define the problems of their websites, and they can not correctly select and verify the work of specialists. Our platform responds to these challenges to the full extent.

Work with us and raise your company to a higher level

Mybox is a platform that, thanks to cooperation with hosting companies, wants to change the world for the better. Your clients need help that we offer. We act in a transparent way, mybox will never directly offer hosting services in any form, and will focus on increasing the scope of data analysis, presenting more and more refined conclusions and creating further modules that will solve problems with the websites with just one click.

Make money on our services for a lifetime!

Extensive reports on the client's website
Mybox offers basic functions for free
Reports about the website. Extensive and technical Reports are paid

Automatic website repair
Mybox is constantly expanding the platform base
Automatic repairs of the website
Thanks to which the customer can use one
Click to secure the website, increase
Its performance or attract new visitors

Commissions from marketplace
Problems and development opportunities which we have
Not yet automated, will be directed to a marketplace
Where freelancers and interactive agencies will solve
Problems for users. Mybox will collect commissions
From orders and shared them with you

Depending on your size and the level of integration we use the individual terms. Let's talk!

Phone: +48 601 398 673

The solution suitable for hosting companies all over the world